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Re: Driveline Noise (unidentified)

Hey a couple good directions, thanks. Yes, I have a noisy reverse. But they sorta all are. I'll give revers a listen again. I think it is extra noisy.

I'll try the 3rd gear with brake but I tried it with loaded trailer on and no luck. I'll give it another though. Good ideas, I'll update when I get there.

Actually Norm, I like where they are going with the forum if they tweak some. Gordo

Re: Driveline Noise (unidentified)

I posted a repl,, it said loading,, I went away for an hour,, it was still loading. So I will try again.
The noise is like a bell getting struck,, kind of like the d/shaft is ringing. Those little springs get hot & lose and vibrate like crazy,,, was a prevelent problem in the day.