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Driveline Noise (unidentified)

"1971 Dodge crewcab W200 power wagon 6' box"
I hear the noise when in top gear (4th) and pulling a hill only if I let it get to lugging. Lugging say,.. 40 mph and under. It is not a rattle or spark ping. It truly is a driveline noise. I would have thought carrier bearing but this has a transfer case in place of.

So, are we thinking transfer case bearing or transmission output shaft bearing, or other,..? Gordo

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Re: Driveline Noise (unidentified)

Any chance that you might hear a bearing noise in reverse?
It may be a transmission shaft bearing in 4th (and reverse) or a U-joint (doubtful if you only hear it in one gear).

As for Bravenet, hang in there, we've only had a day to investigate ( 2 hours actually )

Re: Driveline Noise (unidentified)

Loose clutch disc springs make a ringing noise. Should be audible in other gears when lugging (put your left foot on the brake & try it in 3rd,, same rpm)

Re: Driveline Noise (unidentified)

Hey a couple good directions, thanks. Yes, I have a noisy reverse. But they sorta all are. I'll give revers a listen again. I think it is extra noisy.

I'll try the 3rd gear with brake but I tried it with loaded trailer on and no luck. I'll give it another though. Good ideas, I'll update when I get there.

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Re: Driveline Noise (unidentified)

I posted a repl,, it said loading,, I went away for an hour,, it was still loading. So I will try again.
The noise is like a bell getting struck,, kind of like the d/shaft is ringing. Those little springs get hot & lose and vibrate like crazy,,, was a prevelent problem in the day.