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Re: one of those rare days

Hi all
To some folk work is a four letter word I haul just about everything on the ole truck had about three quarters of a ton of wet horse sh*t for my wifes allotment? (truck patch?) This weekend just gone.
LPG is around $3.50 a gallon which is around half the cost of petrol (gas)
Bumper stickers read
theres something women like about a pick up man
and cowboys would rather push their Dodge than drive a Ford.
Im always on the look out for any good ones I have about twenty on my two horse WW trailor
And the truck is Left hand drive just like Dodge intended. It does get a lot of looks and iv seen people taking pixs on their cell phones.
Cheers all

Re: one of those rare days

whoops that didnt work gotta get used to this new look
heres the pix I hope
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