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Re: The Great Debate - The Future of Pattni Connection

Vaju Pattni
A lot has been said so far by many members who have expressed their views on this issue. Perhaps this situation should never have arisen. May be not if there was a person or persons to take up the duties of Pran after he laid down the foundation and the worldwide framework of bringing the community worldwide together.
It is time from Pran to express his views having read the comments from all.
Lets hear from him.

I agree.

The Pattni Connection belongs to the Pattni community, with credit to Pran for all the hard work.

The succession plan is vital for Pran's selfless work so far.

The new framework should not rely on one person, but a half dozen or so individuals across the globe - under Pran's guidance. An open forum for all to contribute to.

What we will then also achieve is news/photos that are more representative of the community at large.

Re: The Great Debate - The Future of Pattni Connection


I am glad that you have decided to operate the Pattni Connection website without any precondition. My guess was that you would not give it up and it’s good to know that you have good support and accolades from all quarters.

In US we call it the brinkmanship. The two parties in the congress would try to have a tussle amongst them and a party would try to override the ideals of the other party. At the last moment the party would consent to the resolutions of the other party. This is done with a view of getting the majority of votes from the public. This process would woo the support of the people who support the party and its ideals. That is the way the politics run.

I am at loss as to your purpose of riling up the support and accolades to the Pattni Connection. But, anyway, keep up the good work you are doing for the community. I am elated to know that you have ultimately come out with your decision to continue.

Re: The Great Debate - The Future of Pattni Connection

From the latest newsletter:

"Status of Pattni Connection

Pattni Connection is Parajiya Pattni People’s website - of the Pattni people, run by Pattni and for the Pattni community.

As we move forward, we will regularly evaluate what we’ve been able to accomplish and where we can continue to grow.

This progress is only possible due to collective support by hundreds of Pattni members globally.

It is also time to revamp and to take our website to the next level. There will be lot of changes happening over the coming

There shall also be a debate and discussion on the future of website and about my successor."

Excellent news, hopefully we can enjoy a truly open forum that our Pattni can add content directly to, and without delay.

And better quality photos too :)

Re: The Great Debate - The Future of Pattni Connection

Hi Pattni Connection,

Good Luck, best wishes and everything for ever and many years to come until I live a very long life.

I never never never give up - those who give up are cowards and I am not one of them. My dear mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters we are together in mind spirit ideas wishes successes progresses and everything.

Best wishes

Aruna Jethalal Kara