The power of perfect reasoning is essential to know.

The one true religion

A discriminating intellect is that in which knowledge based only on words, real knowledge and ordinary knowledge based on sense perception or reasoning are present in a mixed state and the mind alternates between them.

"When the time of destruction is at hand the intellect becomes perverted." Vridha Chan. 16:17.
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Five Tests of true religion - Feb 08, 2002
  1. It (revelation) must exist in its entirety from the very beginning of creation for all of mankind, and not over a long period of time after.
    Oppose - It is unjust of Yahwe, Allah and Christ, to deprive millions born before the revelation of the Ten Commandments, the Q'uran, and the New Testament of His 'divine wisdom'. An injustice which cannot be the work of a Just, Compassionate and Merciful God.
  2. It must conform with (immutable) Natural laws
  3. Oppose - The cause of the physical body is the reproductive element - any other method as man was created from dust or blood-clot and all other miracles of God and Prophets are a breach to this law.
  4. It must be in harmony with reasoning.
    Oppose - Incest which results in mental and physical infirmities, is an immoral action and it had to be the same also in the beginning (creation of one man and one woman).
  5. It must be in harmony with science.
    Oppose - Modern science has proven creation to be more than 6,000 years old, the earth is spherical and it rotates and revolves, contradictions to the Torah, Bible and Q'uran.
  6. Its truth must be confirmed by four evidences :-
  • Direct Cognition - Not all that is known by perception can be true.
  • Inferences - God is eternal therefore we can infer that there were past creations and as well as there will be future ones.
  • Testimony - The testimonies of Rishis, sages and seers of the Vedas (altruistic teachers are all in harmony with each other.
  • History - There are many books (Mahabharata, Valmiki's Ramayan) and source of other civilization which speak of the past ancient Vedic (Aryas) civilization of 5,000 years ago and earlier.

Let's be reasonable when it comes the most abstruse science of God (wisdom), the ignorant (by repenting) and the wise (by austerity) can never reap the same rewards.

WARNING! Reader's discretion is advised - the truth offends!
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The one true religion
"No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth." Plato
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Is the theory of evolution credible?

My discussion with science of evolution on.......


Re: Is the theory of evolution credible?

They are free of history— So what? What does that have to do with anything?

Again, Maimonides did not believe in miracles. Snakes do not speak. Neither did a donkey. The sun standing still is a metaphor. They are parables. In his essay called Chelek, Maimonides explains that people who think Midrashim are true are fools, while those who reject Midrashim altogether as untrue are also fools, because while untrue, they are designed to teach moral lessons. It is so with the Bible.

Re: Is the theory of evolution credible?

They are free of history— So what? What does that have to do with anything?

Vj ~ Man, you’re a brainless twit! It has to do with revelation as Thomas Paine describes it.

Maimonides explains that people who think Midrashim are true are fools

Vj ~ So you’re saying before Maimonides all Jews were fools)?

I see you deleted the part where you said Jews have the highest IQ’s and it is true, but you’re proof, in spite of it, you’re still an idiot.

When it comes to philosophy, it is the skill of ingraining good reasoning habits that can only be achieved by individual effort and only a few are gifted.

In studying the systems of philosophy, it is necessary that the mind adopt a discipline of impartiality and sobriety. It must then be raised to an exalted mental condition through the process of reasoning.

And this is the result, "Philosophy and reason will remain the most beautiful sanctuary they have always been for the select few." Einstein

Re: Is the theory of evolution credible?

To reject evolution is akin to rejecting the revolution of the earth around the sun.
To deny evolution is as ignorant as denying the spherical shape of the earth

Evolution is like revolution in that belief is not required, however participation is mandatory.

Facts are more stubborn than faith, credulity, desperation and ignorance