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OT: More intelligence from the govt.

I just read this in the local newspaper and heard it on national news. There is a report out after a lenthy study and a lot of crash testing, that says if you are in a micro-car, like a Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, or one of those City-Cars, and you are in a collision with a larger car, you are more likely to be injured or killed. DUH! This study was probably funded by a huge govt. grant of our tax money. Now that this study money has been spent I wonder if there is a study in the works to find out if being hit by a large truck while riding a bicycle would be more dangerous for the truck driver of the bike rider?

Re: OT: More intelligence from the govt.

Hey, Russ, they're just warming us up for the new Federally mandated requirement for airbags on motorcycles, wheel chairs and disabled person's potty assist seats....

I heard the Feds want to mandate the size of toilet paper rolls so you dont accidently stick too much up your boomer during your morning squeeze....

Re: OT: More intelligence from the govt.

That study was co sponsored by Pelosi and Harry Reid