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Hope to see you there!

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RED, read threads.....

Looks like the read threads are now red threads....

Hang in there folks, we have some changes coming soon.

Re: RED, read threads.....

Thanks, Norm. This has got to be the biggest pain in the butt for you. The rest of us gripe and whine and complain, but you get to go after it and fix it. I really appreciate it. Jerry

Re: RED, read threads.....

All good things come to those who wait. We'll survive Norm until this gets worked out. Thanks for all you do for everyone.

Re: RED, read threads.....

Thanks Norm!!
You "Da" Man!!
Much Better Already!

Re: RED, read threads.....

Changes? CHANGES!!!? I can't believe that word crossed Mopar Norm's keyboard & survived! Gadzooks, next we'll have Pelosi for a Moderator!!

Re: RED, read threads.....

Things are starting to come along.My back button is even working! Thanks,Norm!

Re: RED, read threads.....This is good.

Now, if we could read all threads and have them show up in red print without having to go back to the forum each time.