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Re: Frame Question

From what I've observed the 69-71 transfer case crossmember is a one piece deal while pre-69 crossmembers have a different mounting arrangement. I think using a 69-71 crossmember would be the easiest way to go. You only have to drill four holes on each side to mount it.
I have a very good high speed connection so the forum spinning wheel doesn't cause me much trouble, but I can see how it would cause trouble on a slow connection. Much better forum formats exist, I hope bravenet will fix this. For now though, I hope the notion of closing down this forum won't come to pass.

Re: Frame Question

thanks, I would use the earlier one as the Tcase is an NP201 and the 69 and up is an NP205 and I htink the mounting holes are in different locations. I like to keep stuff period correct. I hope this forum doesn go away either. I ahve learned qutie a bit about swepties here.

Re: Frame Question

Also check the driveline hoop in Norm's picture, it can save your life! I like them back about a foot farther, but should be at least 2/3 forward.

Re: Frame Question

Ha! Ha!
That driveline hoop weighed about 150 lbs, I lightened it up a bit and powdercoated it for FrankyB's rig.
FYI location: If it gets mounted back a foot farther on a W, it will hit when off road, due to suspension articulation....= )

Re: Frame Question

When I did my truck a crossmember needed to be removed and replaced with a transfer case one about a foot farther back. I had a complete 65 donor truck and installed the 4x4 stuff on a 68 3/4 ton long box truck.

Re: Frame Question [What Steve G Said...]

There is a cross member on my '61D200, '68 D100
and '65 D100 that "drops" under the drive shaft.
It is, in the general location, where you'd put
your t-case cross member. If your frame has this
member.... it'll likely have to be removed. There
are 2 brackets & 8 bolts per side needed to hang
that NP201 cross member.