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Re: What Could Go Wrong?

Welcome back!

First, I agree with Butch: pulling the plug isn't an option!

If another vendor would be better I believe we who are interested here should help pay for it. I just realized the other day that I have NEVER even joined the DTA, therefore never have contributed to this site's costs! SORRY! Fixing that on the 1st.

I can kick a little, ha ha, very little, on a regular basis for a new improved format.

On the Flash player it should load on even an older system but there's a trick to it. First, certain Security sytems see it as spyware & try to prevent download. The Adobe site is quite safe so one can shutdown almost all security [I even shutoff firewall & all] during download of Flash Player 10. Load to desktop.

Crazy thing was I had to use Mozilla Firefox to download Flash Player update, because I had an old Flash on that browser. The ignoramus Adobe site, such lame-o being typical of Adobe, REQUIRES Flash Player to be installed to view the website that you download Flash Player from! Pure geneyaws no doubt.

Anyways, download to desktop, somehow, and then do a full uninstall of all previous Flash versions. You CANNOT load the update over the top of existing Flash, but must scrub clean. Again Adobe anal-ysity is seen in that you CANNOT uninstall Flash Player with Windows Add/Remove Program software. You have to download their Flash Player uninstaller, which requires Flash Player to download, and use that program to uninstall.

Once you've managed all that silliness installing the new Flash Player 10 is simple.

If things still look hopeless I can post some links for the Flash stuff.

Re: What Could Go Wrong?

Yeah the new format leaves much to be desired and has a different look. No one likes change and it was a bad deal of Bravenet to change without notice. This is much like ebay Motors screwing things up. Everyone was against that and voiced their opinion but we are still stuck with the "new and improved" version. So if we can get back to something like the forum was before great, if not then I guess it's learning curve time again. Closing won't do us any good.

Ok enough of that, how was the trip Norm? I'd really like to do some wheeling out west sometime. I took my Townie a few times to TN and it was a blast. Someday...

Re: What Could Go Wrong?

Change is good...IF it's an improvement....= )
The trip was great! Wheeling in Nevada, hiking, tent camping, and eating too much...= )
Went by Boulder City and saw the new 8th Wonder of The World, the Hoover Dam by-pass bridge being built. It's awesome and will be the World's longest and highest, poured in place concrete arch bridge when completed. I have a few photos of that too!
We ripped up some tires on my father-in-laws rig, bent up his brush guard and rock bars on his Ram 2500, but the Jeep came through AOK....ha! ha! I'll try to get some photos up at the DTA Albums in a few days.

Re: What Could Go Wrong?

Don't say CHANGE. Everyone knows it's Obama's fault

Re: What Could Go Wrong?

Closing shop,..No way Norm!! You have brought to much enjoyment to a great many of us for you to even go there.

Hey this is not bad. I have gotten used to it. I suggest we do a,.....
"DEAR BRAVENET"!! and Make it the Sticky.!!!

We would all post constructively with what we miss from the other one we had. Anything not
pertinent to improving forum gets booted off the sticky. Sensible suff only.

Then just keep on keeping on.

And Norm,.. You were missed,!! Not too many will say it out loud but I assure you we all think it.

There are many who have not joined the DTA. “ Let’s all get it on”
Hell, I will join even though I still haven’t gotten my steak and beans.
and besides that my gut tells me,.. God Loves you, for your gift, of "the forum". Gordo

Re: What Could Go Wrong?

Hi Norm,
Glad your back Safe!!!
You better not pull the plug!
We can deal with this,but hopefully bravenet can "tweek" it a little for you(us).
"Welcome back"
Oh btw Hurry up with the Pic's,haha


Re: What Could Go Wrong?

Unplugging "denied"
There are two main things that bother me,, the slow loading of every thread and the lack of colour change for read threads.

Re: What Could Go Wrong? NORM!!! WAIT!!!!

George (AB
Unplugging "denied"
There are two main things that bother me,, the slow loading of every thread and the lack of colour change for read threads.

I agree with all these points. We all enjoy the interchange of information, the source of knowledge, and even the jabs and insults that are available here. Please don't close up shop on the forum.
It sure would be nice to have the colors back so we know what we've read.
Thanks, Jerry

Re: What Could Go Wrong? NORM!!! WAIT!!!!

Close up shop!?!... don't make me come out
there Norm

Tax time reminds me that its time to cut
a check to the DTA. I'm a card
carrying member. Everyone should be.
I flew out to collect my official card in
person [and to hit Norm & Tina up for a meal].

Re: What Could Go Wrong? NORM!!! WAIT!!!!

Ha! Ha!
And a fine time was had by all...(except maybe the waiter!)
Next time you come out we'll invite FrankyB, find a more expensive restaurant and he can pick up the tab....

Re: What Could Go Wrong? NORM!!! WAIT!!!!

Sounds great... if I still have any money left then it'll be my pleasure!!! ... if the economy keeps going down and taxes keep going up then it'll be a BBQ at my house!!

Re: What Could Go Wrong? NORM!!! WAIT!!!!

I didn't mind the changes until today when I tried to view the forum on my iphone, No Flash = No Forum! It was nice to cruise through posts on coffee breaks... Oh well. I definately prefer the old style, what forum hosting software does Joe use for his site? I think that's the preferred format! Eric
Oh yeah, no quiting!! This is my only source for political news and gossip!

Re: What Could Go Wrong? NORM!!! WAIT!!!!

I too have been away, and this is certainly a change, but the main thing is I think we are all still here. Norm if you need some money to make a fix or some changes you should let us know.

Re: What Could Go Wrong? NORM!!! WAIT!!!!

I wont be here until I replace my 8 yr old machine. There aint no way to load flash player into it and w/o it, this site wont work. Im on a substitute machine at the moment. This is a real bitch.