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Re: Utiline Trailer

Looks like someone just bent up each box rail at a
45 degree angle.

Re: John,.. Utiline Trailer

John, I actually thought about flattening them. To do so would take a factory notch out of the four uprights. Then it would be a mixture of 53 to 56 and a dose of 61 to 71.

Problem is the 53 to 56 guys would no longer have a factory original.

Anyways,I am going to sell it, pretty reasonable, and the next guy can use it as a trailer for a while and if he finds a shorty, needing a box,....!!

This one could be made showroom quite easy. Gordo

Re: Doug

I have a right side fender that has been straightened by a carpenter. Close but needs finishing touches by a blacksmith. That one is free. I hope to take picture of a excellent one still mounted for your email tommorrow. If not it won't be sent till mid week. Gordo

Hopefully you recalled,.. why the private joke in other post, about net. LOL

Re: Doug

Lol! The one I have now looks like it was "straightened" by a logger!

Other Utiline bed parts?

Hey Gordo, Did you say you had an ute bed you could part out? I need a tailgate and the bracket going from the bed cross-sill to the side step bracket. Got anything like that? I'm in Portland.


Re: Other Utiline bed parts? [Steps]

Do you have any short Ute steps? I'm looking
for both sides.

Re: Other Utiline bed parts? [Steps]

Only if I end up parting the one with dougs right side fender. I will be happy to let you know if I do. Gordo