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Re: First new car designed by the government.

Oh, yeah, great thing there! The same guy who gave us the infamous Segway, a solution to a non-existing problem. Let's see what the PUMA has to offer...more nothing. You can't park it in a car spot, it's too goofy and wide for a motorcycle spot, you can't exactly take it into your office like you can a bicycle, and it surely is too big to park in a bike rack! Plus, in the city traffic, what rules does this fall under? Motorcycle? Bike? Car? Does the user need a license? Where can you charge these things, other than at home?

This is a perfect example of what "joint public-private efforts" garner us - crap no one needs, wants, or cares about.

The future of traffic in 2020, if the whackos in charge have their way.

Re: First new car designed by the government.

A wheelchair with a roll bar???
Hate to meet up with one of thoes Mexican diesel trucks going down Hwy 2.