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Re: ok why is the look and feel of the forum different?

I agree. Most people don't like a big change in a routine. We will all get used to this eventually.
I wonder if any options are available to the user that I don't know about or how to initiate. For instance when the change first occurred, the posts I had read changed color from the color of the new ones. (Blue to pink or something like that) Now everything is black type. I like to be able to tell if I've already read them. JH

Re: ok why is the look and feel of the forum different?

I wish they'd apply some brains to function. You post and when it goes up you're returned to the first post in a thread! What's that got to do with anything, when you replied to the last post in a thread?

Then if you hit 'Index' to be returned to the Main Forum you get shot back up to the top, so you have to scroll all the way back down to wherever you were! Can't they figure out siftware that returns you to the Main Forum, at the location you were before your last post?

It works, barely, that's about it....