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6 foot Narrow Box And

I have several uteline (snb)short boxes for 61 to 71. They all measure the same.

I also have one I need help identifying. It is very similar but different era.

Main difference? The one I would like to identify measures 50 inches side to side. All the others (61 to 71) measure 54 inches side to side.

The wider identifyed ones have a wheel tub.
The different era does not and as stated earlier is 50 inches due to lack of wheel tub.

What year/years models are the 50 inch box.? Thanks. Gordon

Re: 6 foot Narrow Box And

Hey Gordo, I dont know the answer to your question, but Im real curious where u found a way to post a new topic? JD and I have not found it

Re: 6 foot Narrow Box And

I just tried to post a new thread. Couldn't do it if you previewed it but I was able to do it directly. It also gave a choice to delete/edit which is new


Re: 6 foot Narrow Box And

when I was a teenager I had a 56 ford with a 49 or 50 inch wide box. I wonder if its from the power giant era?

Re: 6 foot Narrow Box And

Yea Doug, I am thinking maybe 1949 to 1954 or some such.

Posting topic anyone? Just click "Start new Thread"

Located up by index tab. They are still working out kinks.

Re: 6 foot Narrow Box And

Gordon,I think what you have is a bed from the Power Giant trucks. I have two of them, one from a 58 W100 and one mounted on a 59 W100. They must have made them narrower to to keep the proportions in line with the 6 1/2 ft sides? That's the only reason I can think of. The fenders are the same from 53-85 on Utilines though. Hope they go back to the old forum set up soon. This reminds me of the "new and improved" eBay Motors they kept trying to force down our throats. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Re: 6 foot Narrow Box And

Bed Sides of my 61 to 71 are all the same. 79 inches on all then. The same is true with the 79 inches on "the unknown one" which I just mentioned. Ron, Your 1958 and 1959 is a helpful start/answer to this question. Gordo