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Cherry Bomb's 1964 D100

I saw this on Gearz TV on Sunday. I caught it midway as Stacey David was putting a 4 link rear in something. They pulled back and I realized it was an old Then they show the front and I see it's a '64 D100....WOW. Apparently Cherry Bomb put a 528 Hemi in this thing and he was putting in the rear. Then he took it out for a ride. Very cool. I can't find any links from the show but did find this on Cherry Bomb's site. At the Dodge Link.

Re: Cherry Bomb's 1964 D100

Thanks for the link!
While on vacation, I bought a magazine to read and bingo, the Cherry Bomb ad was in the mag!
Mopar Guys with a nice retro product that is a PERFECT match for DTA Headers....= )