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68 A100 and a108


I'm looking for info and pictures about the A100 and A108 vans that had rear side doors on the drivers side. My father once owned one and have searched for one since and have had no luck. Please help.


Re: 68 A100 and a108

Here is a link to the early van website.

Hope this helps.


Re: Re: 68 A100 and a108

Here's another cool link... a few clicks down you'll see a red A100 with the passenger doors on the left side. One of the reasons they are probably rare is because you don't want passengers exiting street side (left) in right hand lane drive societies. They are probably more common in England and Australia. At the dodge link:

Re: Re: 68 A100 and a108

Excoach: that was a dead link when I stuck it my address bar.

FranyB: I don't see the Dodge Link displayed, or is it me?

Re: Re: 68 A100 and a108

It's the link that says "website" next to email.
Or just cut and paste the below web address...

Re: Re: 68 A100 and a108

I cut and pasted it in this evening and it worked for me. Maybe it's something with this new format.