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Party of Norway Ranch,Arkansas

Hey guys! Back from 2 sailtours in Caribbia.5 guys on 50ft.on tour.Fantastic between islands from St.Lucia to Grenada.Thats another world.Not many american pickups,but small japanesy pick ups on very bad small jumping roads on this islands.I have a membership of "American Car Drivers of Vestfold club" here in Norway for 35 years and now 20 of our club take a trip over to Norway Ranch at Mountain View in Arkansas in september for 4 weeks,there we have a few members build a summerhouse on the ranch.We want to have a very big party there.I think there are some of you is live in Arkansas.We want to be there for 14 days so drive to Florida.We want to visit wreckers for parts in this area,and to Florida,how can we find them?Some of you can tell us?
May be I want some parts to my 68 D-100 Sweptline.
I buy this car mars 1980 and next year,my family and my truck have 30 years uround in europe togetheter.Norm have some pictures of it.Some bether?Let me hear!

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Sounds like a fantastic vacation!!
Greetings from California!!

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Sure,Frank,it was,and 17-19 july I have invite the club for meeting to my wife and me.This weekend has a little town near us,veteran car race in this area.My D-100 has been on the race in many years.It will be a very fine party before we traveling over to the state.