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Re: Re: Progress!

The '61 truck front sheet metal had removable dishes, I believe. I noticed that on my Uncles '61 W100 but have never taken one apart. I don't know why the did that.

Power Man

Re: Re: Re: Progress!

Man, it looks like a animal even in all its naked glory! Can't imagine how great it will look when it's done. Nice job....

Re: Re: Progress!

It seemed to be a design carryover from the Power Giants. In '62 that core support was redesigned.

Re: Re: Progress!

I didnt know the later core supports were different. what are the other ones like? those rims and tires are dually rims just thrown on there to move the truck around. the 19.5s have not been painted yet, they sit way under the fender.

Re: Re: Re: Progress!

I may be operating from faulty memory, but it seems to me that the later core supports had much smaller holes and the 66 and later supports had no headlight holes, at least on the 100-200 series trucks.

Re: New data entered and archived

Learned something new today. 61 core supports had holes. 62 and later are just dimpled, as seen in Norm's photo, except 62-65 has 2 dimples. Went out to the herd and confirmed it. Haven't ever parted out a 61, so hadn't made this observation until now.
Cool what Steve taught us all by posting that pic...

Re: Re: New data entered and archived

dimples are better keeps the water out. the 61 uses a non hardening sealer under the buckets.

Re: Re: New data entered and archived

by dimpling it would be stronger too.

Re: Progress!

Nice Steve!