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Sea of unwanted imports

All we're hearing about is how bad Chrysler, GM and Ford are doing and that nobody wants to buy domestic...

Well the imports are fairing none better:

Toyota just leased 150 acres at the port to house all their unwanted imports coming into the U.S.

at the link...

Re: Sea of unwanted imports

Here's an even better article.

The hardship being endured by Detroit is making headlines across the country, but November sales figures showed that Motown manufacturers aren't the only ones struggling to move metal. Industry all-stars Toyota and Honda saw similarly steep sales declines, evidence of which is piling up on lots like the Port of Long Beach, where thousands of Toyotas and Mercedes are lined up with no place to go. The traditionally successful automakers are looking to lease out another 20+ acres each to make room for more vehicles coming to the port from overseas. Nissan is experiencing a similar scenario, but a deal to store vehicles at Long Beach fell through, causing Nissan to look elsewhere to store its unsold fleet. At the San Diego port, Honda, Mitsubishi, and VW models are piling up, too.

Just a couple years ago, a big deal was made out of the fact that thousands of Dodge Dakotas and Rams were piled up in parking lots across Michigan. Now it seems the only way an automaker isn't storing hoards of vehicles is if they've stopped making cars and trucks all together. Something tells us the deals for 2008 models are going to be even better than they are now. And we're not just talking Calibers and Rangers.

Re: Re: Sea of unwanted imports

I try to look at cause, within effect, because we live in a 'cause & effect' reality. That is if I find the brick of cheese somewhat smaller, and one end has gnawing teeth marks, I sniff for the charateristic smell of King Rat.

Scenario: American industry decimated, insane financial picture where banks, despite huge infusions of cold, hard cash, still adamantly refuse to extend credit & loans. Preparations made to force America to accept 100's of 1,000's of illegal aliens as new legal citizens, further undermining the economic sector and citizen's jobs.

A former building to wealth, power & control of Communist China, with carloads of cutting edge manufacturing technology exported there to support America's foreign manufacturing investment. An unlimited Chinese workforce that under Communism may be forced to work for any or no wage.

China becoming the chief bond holder of America's long term wealth, able to exert extreme pressure. American auto industry taken over by government, which gets more Socialist/Communist by the day, who also controls banks.

What I expect is for China to suddenly leap forward with all 4 feet and to introduce several automobiles & trucks, at prices no other manufacturer in the world can compete with, and entirely overwhelm the market.

Because the economy is torpedoed, American manufacturers are slammed, folks can't find high paying jobs but still need transportation: TOTAL SUCCESS for CHINA-MOBILE INC.

Re: Sea of unwanted imports

Makes me wonder why they keep sending them if there's no place to put them, and no one to buy them.