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Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

However the illuminati banks received all kinds of money with no plans or stipulations. I bet those union boys won't be voting for him again in 4 years.

Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

Sounds like some minds were made up a long time ago.

Re: Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

BHO effectively nationalized both GM and Chrysler the very second they accepted the first bailout dollar.

BHO cemented that nationalization by telling the GM CEO that he must resign. This defines Fascism to its core - the government actively running privately-held corporations.

Notice, BHO has a car-gasm about giving less than $40B to the automakers, and insists that the automakers produce a plan with a set timeline to come out of their troubles...yet has absolutely no qualms about giving over one and a half trillion dollars (over 40x more $$$!!!) to banks and mortgage companies, and not holding them accountable for a single penny, so far!

Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

Obama is forcing an American company (Chrysler) to merge with a foreign company (Fiat)!!

Obama just fired the president of GM!!! Why not the president of the union? The unions with their power and the government with their stifling regulations and mandates are really the ones running those companies.

Seems like the government dangling the bailout loans now gives them the juice to effectively run those companies.

I'd bet that the unavoidable pending bankruptcies for the auto makers will not get rid of the unions like they would have been able to had the government not meddled.

Re: Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

The non union Toyota and Honda are having problems as well.
The problem lies within the banking and big oil, thats where the problem started. $4 gallon gas killed the auto sales, banks tightened credit then no one bought anything then everyone started laying off.

Re: Re: Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

they don't have to buy gas or diesel for their cars, and don't have to do any maintenance, thats why they still don't realize what the real problem is? remember when gas hit $4.00 a gallon Obama suggested the american people get a tire gauge so don't be surprised when it comes back to that price and he does nothing
Time to make sure you have lots of ammo

Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

waht a load of crap! the "task force" needs to study something other than consumer reports. I say 60 percent of that article is untrue. All I ahve seen from Chrysler lately is quality improvments in the smaller cars. Trucks have been excellent for a long time. But they are correct about perception. the honda crowd has been duped. look at the disproportionate number of recalls. Asian recalls are more plentiful than American ones, and usually more significant.
Boycott asia=improve economy, save environment.

Re: Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

Well, it is untrue, but unfortunately, it's not an article, it's the White House Auto Task Force report.
If you ever wanted a new Chrysler product, now's your last chance to buy a pre-gov. owned Dodge or Jeep.

Hows About That Gov't Backed Warranty...

Just think of it.... you need a faulty ignition switch
replaced.... now you're faced with 6" of paperwork
which will pass through 35 people's hands before the
final "stamp" .

Has anyone seen the bootleg pics of the new
Chrysler "Change" yet?

Re: Re: Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

The last mournful notes of the Star Spangled Banner play from the throat of a single trumpet, and after a short pause, the heart wrenching notes of Taps echoes across the field of earthen tombs.

No magnificent procession here, no next of kin to cast a rose on the graves, but followed only by the utter stillness of death pervading the empty landscape without even headstones to mark the passing.

The warnings were given but were carelessly cast aside in the selfishness of the moment. The long illness preceeding death was well documented and attended, but the good doctors also own majority stake in the funerium and graveyard. Dr's Mengele and Kavorkian were Chief Attending Physicians and the prognosis occurred before the patient even fell ill.

All that's left is to break the teeth of the corpses, pry out the gold, and then quickly kill the remaining heirs of fortunes. Celebration rings from the God forsaken hearts of the wicked masters of deceit as the fetid stench of death wafts through their seat of power in a nauseous wave, and 'Not A Shot Was Fired'.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

That sound comes from the "bell" of the trumpet haha

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Obama to Chrysler, Merge or Die...

Okay, but that bell don't ring without a throat to emote the note