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Hey you guys....

I hope you all will forgve me for this, but I'd like to lean on you a little.

It's really great that so many have contributed to help Ugg's wife, fine young son and sweet little daughter. These contributions were a very big help to the family and thanks so much!

Thing is, as you know, the boogie man sometimes takes quite a while to go away. I'd like to ask you that are able to put some notes on your calendar and if possible send a regular monthly donation for a while?

Even 5 or 10 bucks helps a whole bunch if you NEED the 5 or 10 bucks! Those who are more able, or who can pull a little more out of the 'comfort fund' are encouraged to do so! Believe me it's a family well worth the contribution!

I'm sure we would all want folks to do the same for our own families, if....