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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Save Uggville!


------------------------------------------'s been about a week and I think you'd all be glad to know that the donations are rolling in.
I've been very humbled by the responses, some big, some small, ALL with sincere appreciation for Ugg and his time with us here.
I sent out $500 last week, I deposited another $475 this morning and when I came home tonight, there was another $675 in the mail box!
By Monday you will have contributed nearly $1700 and hopefully this will continue for a while as the family struggles with home, food and circumstances.
Anyway, I'm real proud to be a Dodger tonight....= )


As the most generous donations continue to come in, it's come to my attention that a few non-monetary things are needed.
One is a volunteer that lives close to the Chicago area to install a fan belt on Ugg's Beast so that it can be driven. Ugg's young son was unable to get the belt installed and the Carryall cannot be used as is. If you are in a position to lend a real hand, please e-mail me.

Re: UPDATE # 3

As of today, we have found a volunteer to help work on the Beast and I'm happy to announce that we have 18 DTA donations totaling $1,809.00.
In addition, several more contributions have been promised.
Thanks folks, you have been great!
Ugg's family is most appreciative.
It's especially gratifying to read the touching personal notes that some have included with their donations.

Hey you guys....

I hope you all will forgve me for this, but I'd like to lean on you a little.

It's really great that so many have contributed to help Ugg's wife, fine young son and sweet little daughter. These contributions were a very big help to the family and thanks so much!

Thing is, as you know, the boogie man sometimes takes quite a while to go away. I'd like to ask you that are able to put some notes on your calendar and if possible send a regular monthly donation for a while?

Even 5 or 10 bucks helps a whole bunch if you NEED the 5 or 10 bucks! Those who are more able, or who can pull a little more out of the 'comfort fund' are encouraged to do so! Believe me it's a family well worth the contribution!

I'm sure we would all want folks to do the same for our own families, if....