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Clare Skelton-The race

Please look at Clare Skeltons page on race for life on line site and go on to sponsor a friend to read her story .A modest mention only of her outstanding athletic achievements.
You are probably aware that Clare is dealing with illness.
Please support Clare in the race!

Re: Clare Skelton-The race

What a story, I hope all goes aswell as it can for clare, very very good athlete and super strong willed from reading that.


Here is the link so no excuses =)

Re: Clare Skelton-The race

Clare and myself were training partners 2001-6. Never missed a session, never missed a rep, never dropped a second or gave an inch...and not about to start now...


Re: Clare Skelton-The race

Having lost s few family members to cancer I donate every month to cancer research. Clare's attitude and approach towards this illness is amazing. Superbly written too, says it all.

Re: Clare Skelton-The race

An inspirational read, Good luck Clare.

Re: Clare Skelton-The race

Thanks on Clares behalf for this support.Iheard from Clare tis morning.She is currently re admitted to christies .I cannot tell you how much this support means to her.Clare is a most beautiful person and would be the 1st to support another in this situation.We all look forward to seeing her back traing with the club !

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