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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39

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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39
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shake down cruise

Thought I would post up that 74 years ago today I reported to the quincy, then on the 8th we went out for it's shake down cruise from Boston (after the all star game the day before), to Rhode Island, to New York city and to Norfolk VA where we picked up a aviation unit and sailed for England. Two days out we changed course and went to Spain.
In spain we picked up Spanish refugees from the war. I typed up the list of ships present, and gave it to the capt.
We returned back home Sept. 27, 1936.

Re: shake down cruise

July 21, 1936 we changed course for Gibralter and increased speed. orders of the CNO.

Re: shake down cruise


My Father was a part of the Marine contingent on the Quincey when it went too Spain. His name was Cecil Leroy Wood. Not sure of rank, cpl or may have made sgt by then. He was in the Corp for almost 29 years. Being a Fleet Marine he served on a number of ships, including the USS Salt Lake City. He was in China for about 2 years before the outbreak of WW2. He was captured in the Phillipines and spent 44 months as a Japanese POW