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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39

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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39
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USS Quincy CA -39

My grandfather...Paul E. Houde is one of the survivors of the USS Quincy. He currently lives in Biddeford, Maine. He's a proud marine, and I want to capture all of his story while I can. I've been speaking with him about his experiences, and would love to speak with someone that might have known him, or someone who shared some of the same experiences. If there is someone out there that could help me, would you please email me? ( Thanks for your time,
Cathy Lauzon

Re: USS Quincy CA -39

Hello, My Daddy was on the USS Quincy when it was sunk. He was a Marine, Arvle Raymond Brake,and survied.Not sure if he knew your daddy just glad to see someone that had someone there. Daddy passaway 12-7-1998.

Re: USS Quincy CA -39

Hello -
My dad was on the USS Quincy when it sunk. He received a Purple Heart and was one of the crew that helped the wounded off the ship as it sunk. He recorded his story in a compilation book that several of the Quincy survivors wrote (they used to hold annual reunions) and I also have his story on audio tape.

He passed away in 2001, but I can only hope that our generation can keep their memories alive.