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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39

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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39
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9th of June 1944

On the 9th of June 1944, Spitfire pilot Leif Lundsten (from my hometown) led two squadrons of Spitfires over Utah Beach/Isigny. The time was ca 21:00 - 22:00 in the evening.

They were fired upon by the Royal Navy/USS Navy when they exited the coastline. Lundsten was hit, and said he was bailing out. He disappeared into a cloud - and was never seen again.

I am looking for any witness accounts from that day - that COULD have been in the area. Either seen the bombardment the two Spitfire squadrons met - or have seen
the Spitfire with Major Lundsten go down.

Are there any chance anyone from the USS Quincy saw this bombardment, or even saw Lundsten go down? Are there any log books obtainable that might shed some light on this tragic incident? Any veterans alive that might remember this?