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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39

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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39
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Missing from Navy roster

Hi, my grandfather, Richard L. Malaby served aboard the Quincy and was on the ship when it was sunk in the battle is not listed on the roster. Sadly he passed away in 2007, but he would have loved to have been included on this roster. Grandad never spoke about the war until one day in 1992 when I was doing a paper on WW2 in high school. He rang me up and told me to come over with a tape recorder. He sat there for over 4 hours and told the full story from what he could recall. That summer he went into a swimming pool for the first time since that fateful night. He sorely missed.

Re: Missing from Navy roster

I'd sure like to see that roster. My father was aboard the Quincy from the time she was commissioned until she went down. He never talked about his experiences during the war, and he died in 1982. His name was Clarence M. Hamlin. Thanks.