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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39

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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39
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Quincy ca-71 cruise with President Roosevelt

I am looking for information regarding the Quincy crew members on the cruise carrying President Roosevelt to the Crimean Conference (also known as the Yalta Conference). I have a commemorative certificate that was apparently given to the crew members on the ship. The certificate came to me from my daddy, Silas F. Mckee who was a crew member on the Quincy. However all records that the Navy have sent to me only show Daddy on the Quincy once it was part of the Pacific Fleet. My daddy was not the type of man to claim something that was not true. He has always told me he was on the ship and I believe it. I just can't prove he was on the ship during that cruise. What I do have is a photo of him on the Quincy as part of "V Division aviation unit" I don't know when the picture was taken. I copied it from the Quincy web site. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew my daddy and particular if they know anything about the cruise to the Crimean Conference and the commemorative certificate.

Re: Quincy ca-71 cruise with President Roosevelt

Today is July 27, 2011. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Bob Winsjansen and Jack Carpenter. Bob replied to my original post and put me in contact with Jack Carpenter. Jack was in the aviation unit on the Quincy as was Daddy (Silas McKee). Jack did not know my daddy personally but was able to give me some information about the job he did on board the Quincy.
Bob was able to answer my original question regarding the commemorative certificate.
I thank both of these men for their time and valuable information. I want to thank them most of all for their service to our country. Freedom is not free, it comes with a price. I thank all the men and women who have served and are presently serving our country.

Re: Quincy ca-71 cruise with President Roosevelt

Hi Betty I just found this website and saw you posting and wanted to reply to it. My father also served on the USS Quincy CA-17. He had told me that he has that the ship had published a weekly news letter named the "Sea Wolf" of which he managed to save one. My Dad has since past but in the news later of the Sea Wolf it states that they indeed depart Newport News with President Roosevelt on board in January 1945. I am so sorry but it does not state anything else in the news letter regarding the details of any conference he attended. I know this is not much but I do hope it helps.


Joe Puleo

Re: Quincy ca-71 cruise with President Roosevelt

Hi betty,
I served on the USS Quincy from the day that she was commissioned
until the end of the war.

I too received the presidential certificate relating to our cruise
with the President to the yalta trip.

Our captain received the original certificate and from that he had
copies made for all of the crew .There were many extra copies made
so your father may have gotten his later.

The V division was our aviation division. I saw you fathers
picture in the div. crew photos. I did not know him . He may have
come aboard ship when we entered the Pacific or just after we
came home with the president when we did receive new crew members.

Bob Winsjansen

Re: Quincy ca-71 cruise with President Roosevelt


My dad was a chief petty officer, CY Division. His name was Ralph J. Smith (he just passed away). He was basically the assistant to the XO. As such, he accompanied the XO (commanding officer) to meetings etc. He was able to meet FDR, Churchill, King Farouk and Haile Selassie (spelling?).
You can Google USS Quincy videos and newsreel videos of the event and cruise videos and pictures will pop up. Also, there are at least two excellent books on the subject both of which were present in our house.