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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39

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USS Quincy CA-71 & CA-39
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james t wooten "gunner"

My grandfather served on the USS quincy and told me the story of the ship going down and he went over board and treaded water for 14 hours. He is passed now but I always remember his storys he loved yo tell them . My grandfathers name is James t wooten he was a navy seal and served with the navys elite under water demolition teams that were the forerunner of todays seal teams. He served on a dozen ships in hos career some including the Delong, Reno, El Dorado , Norris ,Little Rock, and sperry . If any one served with my grandfather and has a story I would love to hear it. My grandfathers my hero but all the men and women who served for our country are all heroes !!!!