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45 rpm Record Directory 200,000 Listings Every 45 Made

Music Master 45 Record Directory.....This is a must have for any collector of 45 rpm records. It has over 1000 pages and lists every 45 record made from 1947 to 1982. This was compiled and published by Paul Mawhinney who owned the largest record collection in the world, until he sold it on ebay last year for over 3 million dollars. It has them alphabetically listed by title. It shows the artist, record title, the label,manufacturer number,Type (tells you if the number is the 1st pressing, 2nd-3rd,promo), and the year it came out. Everything you need to know when your collecting those first pressings.There are over 200,000 listings in this book!! There are a couple of pages missing off the front and back, but 99.9% of the pages are here.I also have the twin to this book, but it lists the records by artist. Either book is great but to have both will make collecting a dream!! These books are very hard to find and will never be made again..This book cost $75 in 1983. $40.00 plus $9.00 shipping