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how to "grade" condition of records

Hello. I am not a record dealer but hafe just inherited a beautiful old crank record player and a mass of records going back to the early 1900's. Is there a guide to grading these for "condition" somewhere online?

Also, is there a way to tell which records are for the hand crank record player and which can be played on a more contemporary record player? So many beautiful old songs here and I don't want to damage the recordings. Most appear to be virtually unplayed.

Finally, is there a place to offer these for sale other than E-Bay? I really would like a true collector to have some of these as opposed to just a dealer. I am keeping a bunch, but there are "way more" than I can ever appreciate.

Thanks so much! Alan...TOTAL newcomer to old recordings

Re: how to "grade" condition of records

list them at