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Time to wholesale

The day JFK was murdered I founded Records For Recollectors, a hobby. We began with 78s, then moved to LPs of the 50s 60s exclusively. Nearly all one-owner. Now it's time to pass it on, if anyone wants it at a fair price. Mostly jazz, a lot of classical, about 100 OC original issue Broadway shows. And a great white oak cabinet holding about 1000 LPs.

None was ever played on less than a SOTA turntable with one gram or less arm weight, so the surfaces are excellent. Most jackets are good or better.

There are about 1100 records here. 15 years ago I picked and sold what plums I knew about, like early Blue Note, but there are plenty of desirable ones left. I'm far from an expert picker but you'll appreciate my taste.

I've got a few years left to downsize so there's no hurry to get this out of my Charlottesville living room.

Re: Time to wholesale

Give us a call if you haven't 804-261-1281