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Losing the & sick of it!

The Great is being taken out of Great Britain, it is being erroded more by the day.
There are very few oppurtunities left to get ahead, and no one gives a toss. I for one don't want to give up the pound and be governed by Brussels, as far as I am concerned they can stick the EU were it hurts. If I could I would be gone tomorrow, no point in staying, the weather is bad enough, but the way the country is being run is even worse. Maybe a revolution is needed to sort it out. The only thing that anyone seems to care about is money. Morels/ethics are out the of window, as long as you have money and fame your OK otherwise forget it. My website is at I have had a hell of a life, more interesting than Posh & Becks, as I have and am old enought to have actually had a life to write about, try the screenplay of my life story 'Come to Grief' it is a shocker and it is what can happen to anyone in real life. By all means reply to this there, or start a thread on my forum. Bookmark it and have your say without fear. Have fun, Linda