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Tony Martin what do you think?

Tony Martin in my opinion was withing his rights to defend himself. As someone who knows what it feels like to be hounded by vandals, have your life and property threatened on a daily basis, I understand the stress that he was under. Police protection is a farce, so people have to defend themselves at the end of the day. We are know living in a lawless society were criminals are looked after better than their vicims. It makes me really and it leaves me if it is worth being honest, ethicle, or moral, how about you?

Re: Tony Martin what do you think?

Hi Linda! That's an intersting question that you pose: Is it worth it to have ethics given that criminals seem to be cosseted by the legal system while the victims are left to deal with blame and possibly shattered lives.

This is simply my own personal stance: I've been there...the shattered part, I mean...and I don't care how much cosseting my victimizer gets, I will NEVER give him the satisfaction of giving away, mangeling or destroying my ethics. They are part of me; he will never again have the ability to destroy any part of me, including my ethics.

I know the rankling of injustice, but truth be told, IMO, the world was, is, and always has been injust. What really matters is less what the external world does, but what we do within and about ourselves.