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419 Squadron crew picture, 1943

For years I have been trying to get a copy of W/C Merv. Fleming's ( C.O. of 419 Moose at Middleton St. George 1942-43) Halifax crew. I feel that if I can get a picture of Fleming's crew, I will have a picture of my Dad, F/L Donald George Hall, DFC,MID,.from Sundridge, Ontario, Canada. Most of his sorties were with W/C Fleming starting in Jan. 1943 when my Dad was a Sgt and a Flight Engineer. About July 1943, my Dad became the Engineer officer of the Squadron and was still flying with Fleming until W/C Fleming left the Squadron. My Dad completed his tour with numerous pilots while at the same time conducting various courses and working on the conversion to Lancasters. Some of the pilots my Dad flew with were:S/L John Pattison, F/S R.K. Metheral, F/O B.D. Walker, F/O C.D.F. Williams,F/L H. Cave,P/O L.H. McDonald, F/O and later F/L W.W. Osborne and a W/C Stewart.
As I mention, my objective is to get a picture of my Dad and I am hoping that someone out there has preferably a Fleming crew picture because my Dad will surely be in it, or one of the other crews which may contain my Dad. Thank you very much.....Wayne Hall, Calgary Alberta, Canada

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