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World Pattni Conference

It is indeed great news that the first World conference of Pattni Samajs is going to happen in December 2011. As always timing is very relevant and December is probably a good time for NRI Pattnis. However, from my experience of regular travel to India, I find that a lot of people either travel in November or late December, after Christmas, as this affects both travel costs and holiday availability (time off from work/school).

This year for example air fares have increased to in-between £800 - £1,000 for economy seats in December and even after Christmas, when prices come down; they are still over £600. December being a 'short' month for business people, as the last week is always taken up by holidays, so it is a matter of carrying out a month's work in 3 weeks. So if the organizing committees can bear this in mind and hold the conference after 25 December, or early January 2012, it is likely that more people will be able to attend. Perhaps you can pass on this comment.

Many thanks.


Re: World Pattni Conference

Namaste Bharatbhai

Highly appreciate your views & comments on the plan for 1st World Conference of Pattni Samaj & its challenges to get the maximum turnout of the NRI pattni members surely your views are valuable. However with little info I have there are quite a few events (engagements/weddings) etc will be taking place in December month which again I think may be a good opportunity for attendees to be part of the conference whilst attending these social committments. In the nutshell certainly is a gesture of Unity of Pattni Samaj globally.
Jai Mataji & pray for the success of the meeting in all its missions.

Haresh Dhakan