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Message of Peace

Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of Pattni Connection website. For the last 5 years we have received information from the website faster than ever before. Thank You for your efforts to help all to connect. Some of us have just come to use the internet and still learning how to use the laptop as fast as our children do.

Best wishes for Holi celebrations on this 5th Anniversary and on this festival of spiritual love of finite soul to tie with the infinite. Holi is celebrated to overcome Good over evil. We have so many Gods but for every person there is only one god - our heart is the temple of god.

On this auspicious Holi festival I wish to introduce the man called Prem Rawat also known as Maharaji who I have known for over 30 years and had the simple knowledge of self discovery after receiving what he offers. He has been talking about peace since he was 3 yrs old. I have felt it and I am sure many people would benefit from hearing this simple Message of Peace which we are missing in this day and age where peace seems to be just a word but not in reality. What we call Joy, Peace, Happiness, Love, Contentment, SUCCESSFUL is every human beings want and need and from my experience I feel he is the Perfect Master of Peace of this time. What he gives is the Knowledge of the journey to go towards our heart and home. Anyone who is interested to take the inner journey can attain it.

Prem Rawat comes on Sky TV on 189 10 am and zee tv on sat 8.30am. (UK Region) Also comes on Tuesdays in Hindi at 8pm and 6pm every weekend. His website is

Every individual needs peace and he can help us to find it. He speaks to millions of people all round the World all races, India, Africa, Australia, USA, Japan, Spain, Europe, China, etc to all ages young, old and any culture. He says Peace already exists inside of us and he helps us to tap in to discover it. We came empty handed in this world but we can take something with us which is the breath of life.

We get affected by what goes round us and death we are scared but he speaks of life and the living when we should feel it. He reminds us of our breathe which is the most important in our existence.

In my personnel experience in life I have realised it and now I am confident that many people would benefit from this Message of Peace. If anyone would like more information they are most welcome to contact me.

– Kundan