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Federation - Education Aid disbursed to Pattni Students 2009

Dear Sirs,

I am in receipt of your mail and have noted the contents.

Our federation deserves all compliments for such a noble activity towards promotion of higher education. However, we found that our students are not much inclined to join higher and professional courses which is demand of the day. This may be lack of information and confidence in their parents and themselves.

I suggest that a workshop/interaction between students of std.10th, 12th and final grauation students may be held at AHMEDABAD, RAJKOT, JAMNAGAR and such prominent places immediately before/after the results of thier final exams wherein our students may interact with senior educationists like Shree Dhirubhai of Jamnagar, Senior and Retired Principals of local Colleges/High Schools, Professionals like Doctor, CA, Engineers and even General Manaer of some good limited companies and successful businessmen of our community. I feel this will give an opportunity to our students to know the details of professional courses and know their aptitude to such courses. This would also add due confidence in them and prompt them to go for such courses.



Re: Federation - Education Aid disbursed to Pattni Students 2009

Thank you for starting this important thread.

I am not sure about the structure in India as to how one can get the career advice.

In UK, the government has set up the Careers Advice Service Centers. They offers practical advice to help you make the right career.

Careers guidance is the support offered by qualified and experienced advisers to help you work through the process of career choice. It is impartial, confidential, and is focused on your individual needs. Careers guidance can help you clarify where you are in the process identify what you need to do next and how to go about it.

In the absence of such career advice centers, it is a good idea that our Samaj set up workshops where such advice may be sought by the students.