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Parajiya Pattni Matrimonial

Respected all,

I am from Bombay, I am very happy to see this site & how people have joined together. I also want to joint your site & even all connect site with you for all parjiya samaj information. How can I be a part of this site?

I also have had seen many bad things and would like to share my experiences with our community.

I had never believed till I saw this Pattni Connection site that our Soni Samaj would help other samaj brother… never....... they just like to see how they come down, why ?

How can I post my sister bio data for marriage, so we can get better things.

Hope I would get your kind response as soon as early.

Thanks & Regards

Re: Parajiya Pattni Matrimonial

Dear Sir,

At the outset I compliment you for coming up with such innovative and much required service to our Community.

I am a retired Bank Officer having worked for 30 years and presently staying at ____ with my family.

- My daughter is C.A. divorcee.
- My elder son has done EPBM and is a bachelor
- My younger son is EC engineer.

I hereby offer all the possible services, help and support you need from me for above innovative scheme.

With all the best wishes for new project and I pray almighty to extend all the help and blessing for all your such noble missions for betterment of our Society.

With due regards,

Yours sincerely,