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Matrimonial project

Great Project Go for it.

Re: Matrimonial project

Parajiya Pattni matrimonial facilitation is a very good idea, but I think we need more input from our youth who are in the marriageable age range:

-Do they want to stay within the Pattni community, which limits their choices or
-They would prefer to find someone suitable to their criteria, from any Gujarati community.

After all, they are the ones who want to get married and their choices have to be respected by parents.

What I hear, so far, is the opinion of the parents, who still believe strongly in staying within the community. But from my limited knowledge of the last five years in US and Canada the weddings that have taken place, the majority of the Pattni weddings were “Gujarati” weddings (I chose not to use the word inter-caste)

You might want to do a little survey of the weddings in UK in the last five years and look at the trend.

The point I am trying to make is let us help our youth meet other youth from a Gujarati/Hindu perspective. This will also cover Pattni - Pattni members as well and someone chooses to stay within the community, they can have their choice, but if someone chooses not to be bound by Pattni boundaries, we can still help them make their choice within a Gujarati/Hindu extended boundary.

If you organize a matrimonial section on PC website, you will have a concentration of Pattni candidates, but you can widen the horizons by opening up to other Gujaratis.

Organizing Pattni matrimonial conferences globally sounds like a very good idea also, but again, I think we are limiting our choices.

Abuse and fraud happens in our Pattni to Pattni marriages as well. There is no assurance that both the sides are impeccable.