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Parajiya Pattni Matrimonial

Dear Pranlal,

We as the Pattni community have been discussing this idea of introducing matrimonial ads on our website for quite some time.

I personally think that its a brilliant and a noble cause whose time has come.Times have changed and our leaders need to accommodate and even encourage the younger generation, whose notion of dating and eventual marriage is completely different from our forefathers.

We need to revamp and repackage our old tested method of mangu nakhvanu, whereby we can still maintain the gist of the matter - albeit in a more palatable way for the upcoming generation.

Otherwise, due to our community's stagnation and/or old stigmas,a lot of Pattnis are forced to search elsewhere for life partners. Unlike in the past, a good number of Pattni families are nuclear entities without any significant support base or middleman who can facilitate the marriage union - a FACT in todays modern world.

KUDOS to Pranlal and Pattni Connection for bringing us Pattnis under a common roof. I hadn't even known of some of our Pattnis existence till they were mentioned on our site!!
So in my opinion, introducing and exchanging matrimonial information on our site is an idea worth considering. The logistics and the specifics of the project should be thoroughly discussed by all our Pattni members and let our expert webmasters do all the hard work!! The question is not whether we should start the project - its HOW AND WHEN

Here in Nairobi, a number of other communities, especially the Shahs, Lohanas and Ismailis have come up with innovative ideas like organizing World Shah/Lohana Congress biannually in different cities around the world where they organize various cultural, sporting and other activities, especially geared for the younger generation.
I'm sure there are other ideas and suggestions out there.Let us explore the subject rationally with a clear agenda

Carry on Pranlal, Pattni Brotherhood is behind you!!