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It was the year of 1776 when the British colonies of American continent were engaged in war with Britain and won the war of freedom. It is generally said that to sustain the state of freedom is rather difficult than to achieve it. After lengthy discussion about 12 years, 13 colonies reached on the agreement to form federation of America and the United States of America appeared on the map of the world in 1789.

You may think that what is the relevance of this topic to our Samaj? We have seen that our community had gathered to form the central institution around the world many times but failed by one reason or the other. Having just around 60000 populations globally and still we can not form a device like a federation shows lack of proper efforts or unwillingness.

We have enough and capable regional institutions like at Rajkot, Mumbai, Jamnagar, UAE, Nairobi, UK, and so on. But all have different constitutions and working methodologies though they have almost same objectives. They also differ in funding and infrastructure.

Now let us understand the exact meaning and working of a federation imitating the structure of the USA. A federation is a central body formed by constituent parts. The important thing to be noted here is that all the constituent parts are sovereign in their own sphere of working but still they have common minimum program to follow. All the states of the USA have their own constitutions and system of government. Every state is totally free to adopt any policy regarding the administration of their territories. Yet they are centrally connected due to their objectives. As a result it is useless to describe the position of the USA in the world.

Now think again of our conditions. We have regional institutes working with the same objectives but do not coordinated with each other in any way. Is it desirable to have federation or association? Does it matter? Almost all the think tanks of the samaj will agree to have a central institution, at least in principle. So which are the hurdles coming in between federation and regional institutions? I let it upon you to find and suggest the practical solution regarding this matter in our magazines as well as on the websites.

One misapprehension is that having a federation like structure, the regional institutions may lost their significance and powers. But one has to understand properly that federation works only as a visionary and policy making body which contains equal proportion of representation of its constituents. All the implementing works are done through the regional parts. Such types of problems may be resolved if the firm determination is once initiated.

All we have seen so far is a brief structure of federation but let us come once again on our first query. What is the relevance of the federation? In the reply, let me ask another question that what we have received or lost so far being isolated from the LPG, i.e. , Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization? Success can not be achieved by changing the face but by facing the change. Our surroundings, business, competitions and so all are being changed rapidly than the previous times. We had failed to understand the ever changing scenario of the world initially. After stumbling we are a little aware but still hesitating to adopt proper directions.
We have very good example of our own business. We were called mahajans due to the prestige and monopoly of the gold manufacturing. But today, it is no more monopoly business due to the open market competitions. And those who did not understand the changing waves of the market are at no where as well. Now suppose, what would happen if central institution like structure was there to guide the masses?

Still there are some glitters in our business but up to which level? What are the conditions of the actual manufacturers of the gold jewelleries? Education is the first priority to face any challenge but can they give such modern and costly education to their children? Even bigger jewellers need to be alert to face the competition from corporate houses and government policies in future. In fact, hallmarking of ornaments by 2008 is the first step by government to regularize the gold manufacturing. If one will require legitimated approval at every stage of production and selling of ornaments then will one be ready to tackle the obstacles?

The amicable solution of all these questions can be achieved only through the central organization. Lokmanya Tilak once said regarding the freedom that ”we will not get swarajya if we shouted once in a year like a frog.” Therefore, some concrete work should be done if the importance of the organization is being realized.