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Start Matrimonial soon

Dear Pranji,

You have really done a great job of putting all the Pattni's together through

This is my personal suggestion that our Pattni's should move ahead and start MARRIAGE BUREAU so that it will be easy to Pattni families to find life partner for their son and daughter from different parts of world.

What I have noticed is that our Pattni brothers are orthodox. If any one gave their name in this type of matrimonial section they always think negative and will spread the word that see this Boy or Girl’s parents can not find a partner that is why they are giving advertisements in matrimonial section. And the main problem that we all face is that we need a middle person to propose (mangu nakhvanu) the boys or girl's family.

There are many Pattnis who have joined MARRIAGE BUREAU in India because they are not able to find life partner. The reason behind this is that either they are not in our jewellery business or not in touch with Soni Samaj. Why don’t our Samaj be open minded and take a step ahead which will be easy for us only. It will be easy on other hand that they don’t have keep mid person.


Pranji I have Lot's of things to say in my mind but I am sorry that I can't say and

Keep up the good work

Thanking you

(Name and ID is withheld – Editor)

Re: Start Matrimonial soon

Now that the Pattni Connection has gained worldwide support and I have noticed that more people are using it, the matrimonial section will become helpful. The death announcements are very timely and give a lot of information, who to contact, relations, etc. and has become a great source of Pattni information.

I think the time has come for you to start a matrimonial section on PC. You can post my opinion in the attachment with my name on it, I have no problem.


Matrimonial Section on Pattni Connection.

We have moved into the cyber space age and like it or not the Pattni community will have to move forward. Looking for a marriage partner by the process of “maangu nakhvanu” belongs to last century.

I know some Pattni members who have used other matrimonial sites and found their partners and are happily married.

The maangu nakhvanu process is very out dated and does not work in the present times
Most youngsters have their own ideas and are able to express their wishes more emphatically and want to find their own matches by getting to know their prospective partners. They want to approach directly prospective candidates and not want to go through relatives.

I think Pattni Connection website should set up a matrimonial section where members could use cyber ID’s known only to Pattni Connection for validity and authenticity. This would allow Pattni members to publicise globally their intention to find a match within the Pattni community. It will take some time for the community to accept this idea, but once started I think it will give a very useful medium to the community to connect with other members globally and find their matches within the community if they wish.

The matrimonial site would also be helpful to community members who are singles for the second time around, either they are divorced or widowed. A lot of the people become passive and do not want to look for a companion to spend the balance of the life with. A matrimonial section on Pattni Connection would definitely help not only the youngsters but also the older generation as well.

Searching for a marriage partner and getting married is part of life and growing up and I do not see anything wrong or to be ashamed of in publicizing one’s intention to do so. You have to let people know that yes, I am available (I am not in any relationship, do not have a girlfriend /boyfriend) and yes, I am looking for someone. And we, at parent’s level need to encourage our youngsters to at least try the matrimonial site. The youngsters can connect with others, get to know them on a one to one basis by e-mail chat and decide whether their goals match and if they want to go forward or say no. The cyber ID gives anonymity to candidates and everyone does not know who you are.

The Pattni Connection has been in existence for about a year and a half now and it has gained more acceptance over the time. Matrimonial section may take some time to become popular, but I am sure it will become very useful to the community.

Re: Re: Start Matrimonial soon

I totally agree with unnamed Personality and Kanchanben Zala regarding the above subject.

We have to walk with the current timings and I am confident that once the matrimonial section is implemented it will be beneficial to majority of our Community.

Pranbhai I think time has now come for you to push the matter further and have a glory once more. Hope for the best and before the Second Anniversary of our Pattni Connection website.

Jitu J Ladha (Patt)

Re: Start Matrimonial soon

I totally agree and am for it all. I have walked on this path and have succeeded. Pranbhai like I mentioned to you in our email chat that in this day and age ALL youths are registered on the any kind os singles or Mat sites, some like I said discreetly while others are bold and open about it.

Of course there is no guarantee but on the other hand if you went through a middle man (maangu through some middle person) is that going to give you a guarantee that this relationship is going to work? NO!!! so why not take a chance! please let me know if you need any assistance to put this all together.

Re: Re: Start Matrimonial soon

Many members responded on this subject. Some through this open forum and others discreetly by e mail to us. Our thanks to all of them for their comments and suggestions.

An overwhelming majority feels that starting a Matrimonial Section will be the best community service our website can offer. Many members especially our Pattni youths will benefit greatly to find a suitable partner.

It will also benefit widowed or divorcees to find partners. Not just find a partner but will bring happiness to the other person who may have been through personal losses and tragedies.

The process of “maangu nakhvanu” through a third party is now outdated. New generation wants to first meet and get to know their opposite number. In our community we do not organise such functions or have such opportunities where youths can get to know each other.

People usually only meet at work or within the confines of their social circle and even though they may have an interesting job and a busy social life, their perfect partner could still be difficult to find.

This is where our website can be useful. Our website is now in an ideal position to provide such a valuable service that will benefit hundreds of our members.

However the integrity of running such a Matrimonial section is very important. Our youths are currently building a brand new site with all the security measures to check authentic of the members before allowed to use our Matrimonial.

We shall update you once we are ready to start this section, hopefully by the New Year

Re: Re: Re: Start Matrimonial soon

Awesome move! I am glad you made this decision. Let me know if I can help in anyway.