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parajiya pattni fedration

Pranbhai i request you to organise the above subject to bring our community more closer. I have seen the pogress made from the website and think you'll manage to hold this event with the great blessings of Mataji.Invite our elders, brothers & sisters from all parts of the world and take an oppurtunity of the success.Similar type of an event (from history) was held in 1952 during opening of our Mombasa Motibai Parajiya Samaj whereby Conference (fedration)was attended by our pattnis from Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Madagasker etc.This is a prestigious oppurtunity and you'll defianetly get support towards it.

Re: World Federation of Parajiya Pattnis

Thank you, Jitubhai for your message.

As far as our website is concerned, thanks to the whole hearted support from our Soni Samaj and the members, we made tremendous progress within a short period of existence. Most of the Parajiya Soni Samajs and Associations have now joined our website.

Pattni Samaj and Association committees who have joined our website told us they would not have the resources to run a successful regional website. They would be better off to concentrate to serve their local region and leave the running of a worldwide website to volunteers like us. This way they are enjoying the worldwide publicity for their region.

Likewise a website can only support our Samajs – not run a Samaj. Thus this is a unique partnership between Samajs and the website that is working wonders.

Initiative to form a World Federation of Parajiya Pattnis needs to come from the Samaj leaders and Committees. Our Pattni Connection website which is dedicated to Parajiya Pattnis worldwide will always be at their service to back up such an initiative. We would again urge all the remaining Parajiya Pattni Samajs and Associations to shed away those reservations. Support us and let us all march forward united

As mentioned in my past Newsletter we now have the setup. The coming New Year 2006, can be the Golden Year of Pattni unity

Re: Re: World Federation of Parajiya Pattnis

Thanks Pranbhai for your prompt detailed reply. However i feel that such initiatives can be enlightened through our website as this is the only platform from where we can move forward.Definately i understand it's a huge task but it's not you alone it's worldwide Samaj with you.

Re: Re: World Federation of Parajiya Pattnis

I think that the world federation of Pattnis is a possibility. However, it needs a lot of exchange of ideas and a proper focus as to what this federation would do. for that matter I think that all our Samaj all over the world need to define the needs of the people for today to be more relevant to their members. What do we really want from our Samaj? Is the samaj giving us what we need? How are these needs met? Have we got sensitive and credible leaders? Such questions need to be answered. We need to look within first. It may be a very good excercise. A samaj needs to be the symbol of the aspirations of its members. If we can understand and redefine our objectives, we may go forward faster.

we can probably form a federation today but it may not become relevant unless we define what we want from it. These are some of my thoughts.

Re: parajiya pattni fedration

Pranbhai, at last dream come true. Dwarka World federation brought us Unity to our brotherhood.Pray to Vageshwari Mataji to shower her entire blessings upon us and lets hope we move further from here.