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Defragmentation of our community

I read with interest, the article 'obliteration of Pattni community' by Prabhudasbhai of nairobi.
It would give us Parajiyas immense pride to learn about prominent parajiya personalities,past and present, who have contributed to the betterment of mankind and our community.
The creation of 'Pattniconnection' has kick-started a process of 'Defragmentation of our community'! For that, no amount of thanks is enough justification to Pranlal(our editor)and his team for their endevour and contribution to our community. Pranlal, you will be appreciated, applauded and remembered, forever!
We are riding the Euphoric crest-wave of globlization of our community which has enhanced our pride in being Parajiyas. It would further our cause to have representative-leaders from all continents to come together to form (an umbrella)'World Parajiya committee' which could, amongst other projects,organise 'back to roots' socio-cultral gathering of Parajiyas from all over the world at a venue in Gujarat-India! Sounds like a dream! but it would be such a joyous occasion!
For forthcoming joyous occasion - Happy Diwali and prosperous New year. 'Bhagwan sav nu bhalu karo'

Re: Defragmentation of our community

Thank you Mansukhbhai for your very kind words of encouragement and support. It indeed gives us lot of inspiration.

All the supporters and contributors to our website deserve credit for their input and hard work.

As an Editor, I am merely a facilitator to connect these Pattnis. The real credit goes to you all – Our Pround Pattni members. Without your support, we can never be so successful

We are merely the humble servants to serve our great Parajiya Pattni Samaj and our Proud Pattni Members