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Obliteration of Pattni Community?

Obliteration of Pattni Community?

I think it would be a good idea to start a section on Prominent Pattni members and Pattni Leaders. Thinking ahead, it would be very productive to bring these people together in the future for a short conference 2 days at the most, to brain-storm on the future of communities as we know them now and in particular, the future of Pattni community. Barriers are breaking down between different communities - there are marriages between different races as well. Obviously we are going to lose few things and gain a few things. In such a situation, the how can one keep the identity of a community and how important is it? Is there a way of avoiding complete obliteration of Pattni community? How about the Kikuyu way, where girls are the only ones allowed to marry outside but not the boys. In this way they have made sure that the Kikuyu culture spreads more but is not diluted. It is a thought.

Yours Sincerely

Prabhudas D. Pattni.


From Editor:- Thank you Prabhudasbhai for your comments. Members are welcome to join in this debate. We shall soon be starting a new Profile Section on many Prominent Pattni Members