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Why Samaj is inactive?


My name is Pratik. I am originally come from Gujarat (India) but currently working in Sharjah.

There many Soni members who wish to go overseas for further studies or for work to better their lives. I would like to know why our Samaj is helpless and inactive in such matter.

I studied till T.Y.Bsc in IGNOU centre through my own initiative without getting any assistance. Anyway I do not wish to discuss about me but would like to highlight the plight of other boys who are desperate in India, whose parents cannot afford to pay for their school or college fees. It should be the duty of our Samaj to be at the forefront to help our fellow brethrens and assist them to go to UK, USA or other such countries for further studies like MA, MBBS, etc.

I appeal to all Pattni members to please consider my request seriously and offer your assistance. Please contact me if you wish to know about Soni boys needing assistance.

Yours Thankful
Pratik Dhanak

Re: Why Samaj is inactive?

Dear Pratik

Thank you for bringing this issue to our member’s attention. It is a valid point of discussion. I have edited your message for clarity.

Parajiya Pattnis are well known for their philanthropy. Once they are convinced that it is for a good cause and the money will be well spent, they will certainly dig deep in their pockets to help the needy.

However it is unfair to blame our Samaj on this issue. A Samaj is run on donations. Their resources are already stretched. Secondly till now, there was a lack of communication between the Soni Samajs in India and the members residing abroad. There are 2 prominent Soni publications from Rajkot and Jamnagar but these are in Gujarati. Since most of the young generation abroad are unable to read Gujarati, it was not possible to link and communicate. Thus the members living abroad are unaware of this plight. It is only now, with the help of this website, published in both English and Gujarati that we are able to connect members worldwide.

Now let’s discuss the issue of financial assistance. Since this is money matters, it has to be organised through a proper channel like our Samaj. Members will be reluctant to assist on one to one basis. Our Samajs in India can be the ideal body who can evaluate the requirements and set up a structure. They can then use this website to appeal for the donations.

I feel that the All India Federation of Parajiya Soni Samaj can play an important role for such a purpose. We shall indeed pass this message to the relevant body for their attention.

So whats the Solution?

What’s the Solution?
Kanchan Zala
(daughter of late Shree Gopalji Ranchod, Mombasa)

Pratik Dhanak has made a valid observation that people in the west are generally well to do and are in a position to give a helping hand to deserving students trying to come up.

How can we achieve this? How do we find deserving students? If we want to help them, would it not be better to ask them to enrol at some university in India and we as a samaj(education committee?) or individuals, agree to pay for the fees and expenses, based on the student's motivation to go further but are unable to do so because of lack of funds? I am sure we can come up with schemes to "adopt" a student.

Comparing the cost of studying in India vs studying in the west, I did a preliminary survey and made the following observation: To become a doctor of medicine, MBBS, in India you need to study up to grade 10 plus 2 yrs of intermediate science (PBC) and the one may or may not need to study for admission exams. This study course is Rs100,000 (3,300 CAD) – Canadian Dollars, upon admission, the cost per year ranges from Rs50,000 to Rs100, 000. 4 and half years of studies plus one year of internship, a student becomes a licensed Doctor in 5 and half years. Your marks have to be very high to get admission, I have been told, but you can also make a donation, may be Rs100,000 and get admitted for lower marks. To add up everything, for Rs750,000 and I am going by the higher 'guestimate', smaller universities it may be even lower, but we can take the balance of it as cost of living. So for a total commitment of $ 25,000 CAD or 10,000 British pounds, (Rs 7,80,000) a student can become a Doctor in 5 and 1/2 years after 12 years of schooling.

I do not know much about U.K. so my comparison will be limited to Canada. In Canada, after grade 12, a student must do a first degree of four years in science at a cost of $12, 000 per year which is tuition plus living expenses. Then one has to apply for med school and exams are very tough, only the best get in. If you do get admitted, you have to do 4 years of med school, the cost approx $20,000 CAD per year which includes tuition, books, and living expenses. After that you have two years of internship where you do get basic expenses to survive. So for a total of 4years first degree plus 4years of second degree plus two years internship, 10years, one becomes a Doctor of Medicine. Add up the expenses, about $ 130,000 total. – Approx Rs 40,00,000

Now let's suppose that even if we do come with the money, there are other factors that one needs to take into consideration. If a student comes from India, let's say from Rajkot, he will be competing with other students from Canada, China etc. who are much better in English, and computers, he will have a tough time surviving. Separation from family would be another cultural shock as well. And to face our Canadian winters, from November to April you need a heart of stone to survive. I was in Bombay four years ago the temperature dipped to 22 degrees Celsius and everyone one was freezing!


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Re: So whats the Solution?


I'm currently doing my 2nd year of MBBS at Anhui University of TCM and I'm loving every bit of it. China is fast becoming the most popular Asian destination for study and I assure you the quality of education is good. Students are awarded an MBBS or BDS degree on successful completion of the course in 5 and a half years. The tuition fee is also much lower than in western countries and even India. These degrees are recognized by WHO and as such their holders are eligible to sit for a wide variety of screening tests such as the USMLE and PLB. For more info you should visit

or email