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What do you think of the issues raised in this website? This is your opportunity to air your voice. We encourage contributions from all those who would like to share their knowledge with others for the purpose of benefiting our members. We’d like to know your opinion

In the past, we were getting constant stream of informative e-mails for general distribution. These were then forwarded onwards to members. However e-mails has its own limitations. In order to be accessible to ALL the Pattnis around the world, many of you suggested starting a website. Thus The Pattni Connection.

As far as we know there is no other live Pattni site at present. Few Pattni regions did try to start a Samaj website in the past. Some regions had it on their drawing boards to construct. Unfortunately due to several reasons it did come to fruition. We shall be supporting ALL the Pattni Samaj and Associations around the world. Our intention is to connect Pattnis globally – Lalpur to London - Mumbai to Montreal.

I sincerely hope that all the community members support us wholeheartedly. This site is for everyone. Inform us of news and occasions in your region, and we shall post it on the website. The success of this site depends on you, the Pattni members.

A good professional site is being built at the moment. In order to keep this site exclusively for Pattni members, shortly we intend to keep this site restricted to members only. So it is important to send your e-mail to or

Meanwhile do please take active part, join as members and send us your good wishes. It will surely encourage us and lift our spirits. . If you’ve got a comment on one of our articles or about an important community issue e-mail it to us.

Articles may be edited for the purpose of clarity. The opinions and views expressed by contributors will be their own, and do not necessarily express Pattni Connection’s or the host manager’s viewpoint or position.