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Guideline on the Forum

Welcome to Pattni Connection Forum!

The Forum is an online space designed for you to interact with us and with each other.

Before you post any comments, we kindly ask that you follow these simple guidelines to make the Forum an inclusive and safe place for everyone.

Please remember that every time you use the Forum, you need to abide by our Guidelines.

Posting comments and engaging with others:-

When posting a comment please be aware that the Forum is designed as a space for you to share your experiences of the services we provide and your ideas and opinions for how we can improve in future.

Respecting each other:-

We ask all members respect each other. Any language that is insulting towards others on the Forum or elsewhere is unacceptable. This includes abusive or offensive comments that degrade others.

Please avoid writing anything likely to cause offence to another member.

Content standards:-

Any posts or links containing inappropriate, profane, defamatory or illegal material will be deleted.

Pattni Connection Forum is strictly for the Parajiya Pattni Sonis. Making positive suggestion on how we can better our community are most welcome.

Thank You for your cooperation.