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Re: Proposal to hold Historic World Gathering in Early 2017

Congratulations to Hon. Trustees of Pattni Brotherhoid, Shree Chandulal Gordhandas and Shree Prabhudas Govindji together with CM of Mombasa Parajiya Pattni Samaj, Shree Bharatbhai Bhimji and webmaster of Pattni Connection, Shree Pranlal Chaganlal for a successful meeting held recently in London.
I strongly support Nairobi hosting the next world Pattni gathering as Pattni Brotherhood has the necessary infrastructure and logistics in place for organizing such an event. Our past and present managing committees are in constant communication via telephone, e mails and personal visits to all Samajs in India, UAE, Tanzania, Uganda, S. Africa, US , UK and of course our sister samaj in Mombasa. In fact, the very idea of World Pattni conference was first mooted in Nairobi and it came to fruition in Dwarka some years back. We have achieved a lot since then, with more personal contacts and closer brotherhood amongst various Pattni Samajs.... but at the same time, with all the highs and lows of the first world gathering, we have learnt a lot on how to improve and move forward.
Our principle focus on the proposed second Pattni gathering should be towards the Pattni youth. Emphasis should be on youth friendly activities like sports, debates, enacting plays, dandia nites, music competition,quiz/antaksharis, sight seeing - game parks and beach holiday etc. The theme of such debates, quiz or plays could be centered around our Pattni forefathers journeys and achievements, the virtues or cons of jewellery trade and the future aspirations and progress of our samaj.
I'm basing my suggestions on the highly successful annual meets of the Lohana and the Ismalia communities. They have a rota of different venues where the respective local Samaj will host that year!s event. Airfares and accommodation are subsidized via bulk bookings by the hosting Samaj.
As the CM Shree Bharatbhai suggested, Pattni Brotherhood can co- host the gathering with Mombasa.Samaj.
We need feedback and suggestions from as many Pattni members as possible. We have a very able and a dynamic team under the chairmanship of Sureshbhai Ghaghada , who I'm sure can take up this challenge!

B. N. Pattni
Past Secretary
Pattni Brotherhood, Nairobi