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Re: Formation of NA - PPA


I am surprised that you are abandoning the suggestion of forming the Samaj body on account of past " fizzling " of Diwali activities in Toronto. This type of hurdles are always tenable by having a meeting and bringing in more understanding. You, being held in high esteem of the Pattni Connection, would have influence by organizing a meeting of our community members. I am absolutely cognizant of the fact this is an onerous task. This effort demands time and all the diligence. With the participation of Pattnis together with all Sonis there can be a strong union. During the exchange of posting couple of names e.g. Bhasker Pattni, Kanchan Zala can be conducive to the notion.

As for your idea of having Pattni Connection as catalyst in the formation NA samaj, can you please enlighten me on the following:

1). How many of our members participate in any deliberation when you have opened forum for
discussion. It would be far fetched expectation to operate an organization in light of
apathy towards just ordinary discussion.

2). We have samaj bodies in various cities in the U.K. Can you point to role played by
Pattni sites in bringing about more understanding and cohesion among the bodies.

Please don't think I am being an skeptical. On the contrary I salute your effort and aspiration.